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Hanley Carbon Neutral is a community led initiative to help the Worcestershire villages of Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan achieve carbon neutrality.  This means we are taking action to remove or reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we generate, as well as counteracting carbon 'spend' by recapturing carbon with tree and habitat planting.

In response to the Worcestershire Climate Change Strategy and amid increasing levels of concern among residents about the threats facing our environment from climate change, Hanley Castle Parish Council has committed to work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025. 

By changing habits and routines, and making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, the local community can help to meet the climate challenge. 

 I am really proud of the the contribution residents are making to this goal within our community.  Small though we are, if enough other small communities also make changes, these will add up and, over time, make a much bigger difference.

As can be seen from this site, there has already been lots of  progress made and, although the coronavirus lockdown has inevitably delayed work,  this will continue as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Sue Roberts

Chairman, Hanley Castle Parish Council

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