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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint calculator will give you a basic idea of your/your household's "carbon footprint" (all the greenhouse gases emitted either directly or your behalf). There are limits to what a carbon calculator can do and your calculation will be an estimate only but it will give you an idea of the kinds of things you should be considering in efforts to reduce the amount of carbon your lifestyle generates.  Some offer tips for minimising your carbon footprint and many will allow you to calculate how to offset it.  


TIP: It will help if you have accurate information before you start, such as a precise idea of how much energy you use at home or how many miles you drive in a day.  We've mentioned a few calculators here, for ease of reference, but there are lots of others online.  Just search for 'carbon footprint calculator'.

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World Wildlife Fund

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UN Carbon Footprint Calculator


MyClimate Footprint Calculator

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