We set up the Hanleys Energy Action Team (HEAT) to identify ways in which the parish can reduce the carbon footprint of its energy consumption, comprising the electricity we all use and the fuels that heat our homes and businesses. We also want to identify any opportunities there may be within the parish to create small scale renewables electricity generation or heating projects.

Electricity usage surveys

Local residents are offered a free electricity usage survey of their homes and advised on switching to 100% renewables electricity suppliers.  This is a really good way to make an immediate impact.

How it works

A monitor is installed on the electricity supply and usage is recorded over a week, then analysed and a short report produced for the home owner. The cost of the electricity used from their current supplier is compared with 100% renewables suppliers to see whether switching would offer any cost savings.

Feedback from residents has been very positive. They say they better understand how much energy each of their appliances uses and what changes, such as switching to low energy lightbulbs, will reduce their electricity usage. Switching to a 100% renewables supplier not only makes a 100% carbon saving but also a 19-25% cost saving!


If you are interested in having a survey done in your home, please contact us.


Working with the district council and the Hanleys Oil Club, we have identified a source of recycled heating oil, which we hope to offer to residents once it has been trialled to see how it compares with regular heating oil. We are also considering a boiler replacement planning service to help residents consider renewables alternatives when their existing boiler nears the end of its life.

Renewables generation/heating projects

We have considered several potential projects that might help to reduce the parish’s carbon footprint, including:

  • Better insulation of community buildings

  • Solar panels on community buildings

  • Heat pump heating systems for community buildings

  • Small scale solar, wind or hydro electricity generation

  • Community battery storage systems

In considering these projects, we have worked with the Rural Communities Energy Fund (RCEF) and have recently been successful in securing a substantial grant to fund a feasibility study and identify how these projects could be implemented.

To administer this fund we have had to create a Community Interest Company called Hanleys Energy Action Team CIC (directors: Jackie Bass, Bill Bell, Malcolm Fare, Steve Gogerty and Pete Jordan).


Showing the monitor installed onto a supply with the display unit in front.  The unit gives a real-time display, which can be placed on view in the house, so you can see the effect on usage of switching different appliances on and off.


The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) is a government programme, which supports rural communities in England.  Developing renewable energy at a community level helps meet climate commitments whilst also offering benefits to the local community. The fund offers an opportunity to cover the up-front costs that are often prohibitive to community scale energy projects. Some of the technologies that can be explored include solar PV, heat pumps, hydropower and low carbon heat networks.

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