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Tree Planting

Andrew Milne at Quakers Farm, Hanley Swan, has been keen to plant trees in part of a five-acre field, so former forester Peter Goodyear measured up the area and estimated that it would take 500 trees. He sourced the  trees from Cheviot Trees, which grow them on their site in Berwick-upon-Tweed.  These included 350 broadleaves (100 oak, hornbeam and birch and 50 cherry) and 150 conifers to form a quick-growing screen along the field boundary with a plot of land earmarked for development. 


In mid-November preparatory work to make holes for the trees was carried out by parish lengthsmen Pete Sauntson and John Drinkwater. The ground was very hard, due to compaction from years of dead grass accumulating with little mowing or grazing taking place. Once the first few inches were penetrated, the going was easier and Pete and John completed the work in a day.


Over the chilly first weekend in December, a group of eight volunteers turned up to plant the trees. Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, Peter Goodyear first distributed the plugs in their respective holes, followed by the volunteers with armfuls of supports and guards. Each hole was then carefully filled with soil surrounding a plug and secured with a guard and support. Luckily the rain held off and by the end of the first day the group had planted 80% of the trees, with the rest planted the following morning. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped.


Update on last year's tree planting at The Grange 


Because of the extremely dry weather in the 3 months following planting in March 2020, almost half of the trees died.  Although all nine species planted suffered losses the most resilient were alder and oak. In November, a mix of alder, oak and hornbeam were planted as replacements for the failed trees. 


A cell-grown hornbeam from Cheviot Trees.  Cell-grown trees offer better survivability, as they come with a more developed root system.  

Planting conifers at Quakers Farm, from

Volunteers planting the trees at Quakers Farm in November 2020.

Planting at Quakers Farm 1.JPG

Cycle Racks

We are installing several racks in the Parish: In Hanley Swan by the pond (sponsored by the Hanley Castle WI), the Shop and The Swan Inn;. in Hanley Castle, by the Three Kings Inn and St Marys Church.

Free bike racks are available from ParkThatBike see .  If you meet their requirements and want any help in ordering a bike rack for your business, office, church etc. please email us

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