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To find out more, come along to

Public Meeting 16th February 2022 at 7 pm.
at Welland Village Hall

Refreshments provided

We have the opportunity to establish a car club probably based in Welland with support from Malvern Hills Car Club and an offer of a grant from Malvern Hills District Council


If you are a two-car household, membership of the club would allow you to retain one car for daily use and have access to another for those occasions when a second or specialist car is needed.  As a member, you would have access to a pool of cars that includes a seven-seater and a pick-up.


If you use a car less than 3 times a week you will make considerable savings, even compared to running a small 5 to 8-year-old car. When you consider insurance, road tax, depreciation, repairs, servicing, and the other costs of running a car, membership of a car club quickly delivers large savings. And you’ll get cashback from selling your old car as well (the club can help with that too).


Maybe you have a low-cost short-range electric car for local trips and would like a petrol car occasionally for longer journeys.


Additional benefits to consider include:

  • someone else takes care of the servicing, taxing, insurance etc

  • one less car parked in the neighbourhood/ on your drive

  • avoiding unexpected costs of repair and replacement

  • reducing your carbon footprint.



There is a monthly subscription of £7.50. Currently, mileage is charged at 15p mile and you pay for the time you use a car. Costs are set out on

Malvern Hills Car Club

Malvern Hills Car Club
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